One year ago…

… I was cuddling my new born son, my second child. My labour and his birth had been a little on the dramatic side, so I felt fragile and relieved, but also grateful that a journey which had begun with too much heartache and too many miscarriages had ended so beautifully.

So Happy Birthday little man.

Oh, and my hubby and I are clinking our glasses to mark the end of the most sleep deprived year of our life.


3 thoughts on “One year ago…

  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely boy. Meant to say re: previous posts – I have an identical and massive sense of conflict about the whole working mother issue, and also (whilst I appreciate how massively lucky I am) find the whole full on childcare/freelance work/housework and admin/pre-school committee and all the other sundry tasks a real headmash and I never feel on top of anything, ever.

  2. Hmm, lots of ‘massives’ there! I think one way to deal with it all is to accept that life is going to be chaos, accept that one is always going to feel pulled in lots of directions at once, and enjoy it all as much as possible! We work miracles every day.

  3. A massive thank you for posting(!), Lisa. The blog has a two-fold purpose for me; first, as a place to hone my writing skills through the process of putting stuff I really care about down in a place (where it is subject to constructive feedback), and second, because I am struck on a daily basis by the universal themes that undermine, challenge, and threaten to unravel the equilibrium of mothers as people. I like your philosophy, and I reckon gratitude is always the best place to start from. I often hear myself saying that depsite the chaos and stresses of my existence, it is still the case that 99% of the world’s population would like to swop places with me for all the luxuries our existence affords…

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