The Universe throws one, no two, of her Curveballs

Not that I am entirely sure what a curveball is. Anyway, here I am on a Thursday morning. Half-way through yesterday my tummy started to feel odd. Unpleasant odd. Having got through my little boy’s Music with Mummy class without running to the bathroom, we trundled off to the supermarket to replenish the stocks, (note to self; when are you going to organise an online shop so you can save yourself the bother of this weekly endurance test?). It being lunchtime, we headed off to the cafe with his packed lunch – they don’t mind because I always order something – but I didn’t feel like eating much at all. I half-heartedly made it through a bowl of soup, and we got the shop done. A few more errands and a pre-school pick up later, we made it home, by which time I felt atrocious. Curveball no.1? Why do I only get ill on the days when hubby is unavoidably home late and I have to get through the tea-bath-bed challenge alone. Now, I know I am extraordinarily lucky to have a hubby who is back on any evening early enough to help out. But what is that irony about that on the one day when you really need it, the help isn’t there?

And Curveball no.2? Thursday is my day of the week for Getting Stuff Done. I have a homechildcarer for this day, from 8am till 5.30pm and it is glorious. I get paid work done. I get a stack of family admin tasks done. I even do a bit of housework, and all with the luxury of knowing that the kids are sorted, happy and well cared for. And yet here I am on My Thursday in bed, feeling hideous. I have four articles to write for a parenting website, a tonne of stuff to do for my daughters pre-school and a laundry mountain that you’d need oxygen to climb.

So, cheers Universe. Thanks. No thanks a lot. If Miss Universe could speak, I guess she’d ask me what I  could be learning from the fact that I have been forced to slow down. Yes, yes, I know. I do function at breakneck pace for 90% of every day. And, I agree that it was nice to just give in to the comfort of CBeebies for an hour when we got in yesterday while the fishcakes warmed in the oven. And a cup of tea in bed is always a treat. Even so, it is hard to accept an enforced go slow when so much screams from the To Do list. Now repeat after me; Embrace, embrace, embrace…

Any Curveballs in your life you’d like to share?


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