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Inbetween writing an inspection report, and an article on Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Conception, I have today, done a bit of research about improving traffic to blog sites. And I’ve learnt some interesting facts as a result. Did you know that 65% of all daily internet users read one blog a day? That 46% of those same people will read more than one in any given 24 hour slot? And that bloggers who use facebook and twitter to promote their writing enjoy 149% more ‘inbound’ traffic than those who don’t? Fascinating. ‘Does my blog need its own facebok page?’ I’ve been asking myself; I’m thinking after today’s research, ‘yes’ is the answer. ‘Do I need to make better use of twitter?’ Undoubtedly, comes the reply. And to think, I’ve only made sense of the whole hashtag thing in the last few weeks, and that was because I finally admitted to someone at a dinner party that I didn’t get it, and she was kind enough to explain…

I’ve got a lot of work to do. And I am @Leoarnawrites, if you were wondering.


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