R2BC (Ian Dury going round and round)

I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve picked up on an excellent weekly bloghop over at Mummy from the Heart, and I thought I’d join in. Called Reasons To Be Cheerful (R2BC – see what Michelle did there?!), it asks bloggers to post on that very subject every Thursday. Here are my three reasons to be cheerful this week;

  1. Christmas is coming and I get to spend it with my children. Nothing especially remarkable there, but, there were long years of my life where I thought I would forever have to endure the ‘familyfest’ that is Christmas as an involuntarily childless woman. Year after year I had my nose pressed, actually slammed hard, against the glass of everyone’s else’s joy in their kids. It wasn’t fun. My thoughts wander frequently to my friends who didn’t get to do what I have done, and what they tolerate, day in, day out. I am grateful for my extraordinary good fortune.
  2. Last night I went out for dinner with seven other mums. We ate excellent food, talked and LAUGHED. Many of us are facing challenges in relation to keeping the money coming in and the roof over the family heads, but despite these worries, we all took a moment to enjoy ourselves.
  3. I blew the Christmas-present budget on Robbie tickets last week. My family and friends know I love them – this year, that will have to do. Some things are more important…

11 thoughts on “R2BC (Ian Dury going round and round)

  1. Hi, wishing you a fantastic Christmas with your children! As for Robbie, I. Think everyone would understand blowing the budget on him and envious you had the nerve to do it! Good for you :o) Have a great time and thanks for linking up xx

  2. Thanks Kat for the warm welcome. And for everyone else, this bloghop is today being hosted by Kat; click on her name and the marvellous interweb will take you to it.

  3. Wendy, Ojos and Janglitz – thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I am pretty new to this world and thoroughly enjoying myself. Please pop in again!

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