And the Angel Gabriel said… (R2BC no.2)

20121220_103930-1 (3)

1) It’s a Thursday and I am feeling no guilt whatsoever about drinking a glass of mulled wine during the evening – the third one in a row!

2) Good things are happening because of this blog, and I am excited about where I will be this time next year in terms of my writing. (Just going to squeeze in here a cheeky request that you read my post from earlier today about keeping this blog interesting…)

3) My daughter was a sublime and funny Angel Gabriel today. As regular readers of my blog will now, I am a big fan of pre-school provision, and even though we have months to go, I am already sad that this stage of her life is nearly over. However, she ‘sucked the marrow’ out of the experience today and I felt so full of love for her today as she stood up there…

Happy Christmas to you all!



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