For the people, by the people

Earlier this week, having coffee and great cake with some Mummy chums, my biggest fan (she knows who she is) told me that my recent post on Robert Winston and Christmas brought a tear to her eye. (You can read it in a minute when you’ve finished this one!) Without sounding too mercenary and emotionally cold, I took delight in her tears. It meant that I had written something that touched someone. Even better, she talked of how it brought up strong emotions in her even though our experiences have not especially overlapped. Another friend who hadn’t yet read the blog talked at length about her need to strike a new balance in her life between herself and her children, and that she felt inspired by my journey into Bloggingdom to start her search for her own thing in the New Year.

So there you go. One morning having coffee with friends and two stories of how this blog is doing what I set out to do; making others think. I’m so chuffed, chuffed and not at all complacent. I aspire as you know to always be interesting, to always produce ‘food for thought’ as the saying goes. Now, I’m not short of titles in my head for future blog posts. They pop in to my mind with reassuring frequency throughout the day, and I jot them down, if I think they have potential. But, I do need to try and look at my writing through your eyes, not just mine. No good me just wittering on if I’m not writing on matters that inspire, intrigue, educate even – or at least raise a knowing smile of common experience shared. So I would REALLY LIKE IT if every person reading this gives me a topic or title to write on, in the comments section below. Doesn’t have to be profound, just a simple question about this or that aspect of parenting, kids, the juggle, you know. Even if you have never ever commented on a blog before now, please, do it for me. Consider it at Christmas gift. Just steer clear of Quantum Physics or Communism in China; I’m a bit rusty on those…


11 thoughts on “For the people, by the people

  1. Well done you for being such an inspiration to those friends of yours. For every hundred blog post topics / titles that pop into my head, I am lucky to even get one written up as there just seem to be too few hours in the day. I personally love to read about people’s journeys – how they got into blogging, why, how they are finding it, and negatives they have found, that sort of thing. Beyond that I just love to read about people’s own lives and what’s happening and generally over time you feel you get to know them through their blogs. xxx

    • Hi there and thanks for commenting – I agree that blog reading has you feeling like you know another a bit better for it – and some of my friends are saying they see me differently because of it! Thanks again!

      • bizarrely enough – i never think of people i know in real life reading the blog (even though i know some of them do). But it feels like such a great community in blogging world that it is definitely my bit of me time reading everyones blogs and updating ours. have a great Christmas. xxx

    • Thanks for stopping by Michelle, and Happy Christmas to you and yours. Have thought a good few times about those children who’s lives you have touched this Christmas – good for you! Leoarna

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