Unlimited Ferrero Rocher and playing Snakes and Ladders (R2BC no.3)

I haven’t blogged for a few days. That’s OK, isn’t it?! I’m thinking that the slow-down of the last few days after the hyper-speed of the previous three weeks left me a little short on inspiration. Today, a reminder about the R2BC Friday Link up on Twitter popped up on my laptop and my blogging cogs and wheels spluttered into action. And let’s face it, the Christmas TV schedules have not inspired – although that Ian Rankin drama on ITV a couple of nights ago was pretty good… (I digress). So there’s pleasure to be had and nothing to be missed if I sit here and tap out a post this evening!

So my reasons to be cheerful this evening are (in no particular order);

  1. I have taken so much pleasure in the little things this Christmas. Drinking great desert wine and eating creamy Vignotte. Not feeling a need to limit my intake of Ferrero Rocher. Staying in my pyjamas till midday. A whole evening mulling over my Christmas present cookbooks (Nigella and Hugh, if you are wondering). Watching The Polar Express and reading The Night before Christmas with my four-year old. Playing snakes and ladders, watching Eric and Ernie. And half an hour before writing this, eating my father-in-law’s thrice cooked chips. We’d call these the little things, but they’re not so little really. They are the rituals of life, the rituals that shape our sense of shared history as a family and will, in time, be our children’s memories too.
  2. I have a wipe clean weekly calendar in my kitchen, and a small box of dry wipe pens. Every Sunday I clear it of the previous week and scribble in the crazy of the coming one. His commitments, mine, our little girl’s schedule, and so on, and so on. Last Sunday though, I wiped it clean and left it that way. I have relished in it’s shiny white blankness all week.
  3. The ‘I don’t know what day of the week it is’ delightfulness of the mid-winter festival season has also afforded me time with my kids that isn’t usually to be found. The simple pleasure of being able to say ‘yes’ more to her requests to play and do; to sit on the bathroom floor and splash and laugh with them (without a 100 other tasks bearing down on me); the decadence of watching Toy Story at five in the afternoon. It occurs to me that if modern motherhood is about anything, it is about finding time to shoulder-close the door to all the other ‘stuff’ and just BE with our children. Easy? No. Occasionally do-able? Surely. Essential? Yes.

I hope these last few days have also afforded you some slow down time, some fresh perspectives, some shared pleasures.


6 thoughts on “Unlimited Ferrero Rocher and playing Snakes and Ladders (R2BC no.3)

  1. I so enjoyed reading your post and I also like your way of thinking… “A blog for parents who like to think and for thinkers who think about parenting”. I have a teenager with special needs and I spend a lot of thinking about thinking of ways to help him. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by to comment, I really appreciate it. I love it when other bloggers do comment, as I then discover someone new to follow, and my horizons broaden – all the way to South Africa! Thanks also for the compliment!!!

  2. I really did have some great slowing down as well – loved your blog title – I am a great fan of those golden foil covered little balls of goodness – Cant keep them at home as I end up eating them all

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love how far the digital-reach of blogging is, and just to say have already returned the read over at your place!

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