Reasons to be Cheerful … (No.4)

I so enjoy joining up with this linky. The discipline of coming up with the reasons (when the maelstrom might not otherwise be encouraging you to think positively), and the sense of sharing with other blog writers, is genuinely satisfying. I wouldn’t call it a resolution (you know what I think about those!) but I do feel inclined to try and do this every week this year.

And this week’s winners are..

  1. …my little girl and me. As you may have read here previously, I mull over elements of our relationship very frequently. Yesterday morning, after feeling the needle bounce repeatedly on the oh-so-scratched vinyl that is our relationship, I felt something shift. ‘Just give in, and surrender to her’ went the thought. And I did. We danced silly dances to her Mary Poppins soundtrack, and because I had given, she gave back. Tiring of the dance, she got on with something, without a frequent need for my input, and equilibrium descended. I think reading Oliver James latest tome, ‘Love Bombing’ may have had something to do with it.
  2. … my writer-self. I have been officially asked to do not one, but two, guest blogs during January and I am chuffed to bits about it.
  3. … this blog! while it is my job to keep NDBI’s ego in check, I think you’ll forgive her if she just gives a little ‘woop,woop’ of pleasure for the steadily growing number of readers and followers she is acquiring. It means something when one’s words have spoken to someone, somewhere.

OK, feet firmly back on the ground, and over to the next blogger. See you next time, folks!


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