Greatest Hits from my First Album

Now, as this goes live, I am away for the weekend. My nephew’s baptism in London calls, and a pleasant weekend with family will no doubt ensue. But I didn’t want to go away without having posted something meaty for weekend blog-reading. I’m also noticing, as my stats steadily rise, that some of my earlier posts might get a little dusty at the bottom of the ever-growing pile. By the time I publish this post, I will have had a crazy week writing articles and inspection reports, and while blogging is the most fun I have in front of my laptop, those other things contribute to the maintenance of the roof over our heads and so this place must come second. However, I also made a commitment to myself to keep content here regular no matter what. It appears to be one of the ‘rules of getting read’ that there has to be something new here to read. A conundrum arises; no time to write, and yet a need to produce. The solution? My Greatest Hits, (so far). Forgive the splash of ego – I reckon we new-ish bloggers are allowed the indulgence of trying to get our readers numbers up….

Regular readers will know that I have a particular interest in childcare issues, and you’ll find my thoughts on the political hot potato of universal childcare expressed here, and my passion for the hard work that pre-schools do here The Juggle of modern parenting in the UK is explored a few times across the blog, notably here, and here My endeavours to be a better mum are covered in this post and this one, and my grandfather’s death, which inspired me to being a better mummy, is covered here I look at my own infertility issues from a couple of different angles here and here, and touch on my fondness for blogging and the power of social media in these posts;,

I don’t do it religiously, but I try to join in with Mummy from the Heart’s weekly blog-hop Reasons To Be Cheerful. My four contributions are spread across the last two months. And I run two of my own occasional series entitled Rhetorical Questions I Ask Myself and Interesting Things My Daughter Says, and they are also distributed throughout the blog. They’re only short; perfect if you want to read something but haven’t got even the length of a cup of tea to sit down.

People are writing their biographies at 17, and I don’t think it will be long before One Direction’s ‘Best of’ album is racing up the download chart. So, while I am, in blogger terms, an utter newbie, you’ll forgive my shameless self-promotion and accept my invitation to meander through my blog at your leisure, won’t you? Thanks, I knew you would.


2 thoughts on “Greatest Hits from my First Album

    • Hoping the weekend is better than your week. Getting to London may be a challenge today, as snow is falling, falling, falling. But hoping to have fun! Thanks for stopping by x

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