Blogging for the blogosphere

In the last eight days I have had three guest posts published, and my first paid-for blog has gone live too. Now I know I have a page about making it as a writer, but I felt an urge that I won’t examine too closely to put in an extra post about the links to all these. I mostly promote these guest posts on twitter and facebook, so if you don’t follow me that way, you may not be picking up on my branching out. It has been great having the opportunity to write for these other places, and my blog stats tell me that putting in in this way is paying out, as it were; readers are coming to me from new digital directions.

So here are the links;

  1. I wrote a piece for Mummy from the Heart’s New Blogger’s fortnight
  2. And here’s one for MamaBabyBliss
  3. A third for Babyhuddle (my hubby’s favourite)
  4. And my first paid opinion piece, in the whole world, ever (are you getting the level of chuffedness, peeps?)




6 thoughts on “Blogging for the blogosphere

    • Thanks Michaela – most kind. Hoping it doesn’t seem too, well, egotistical! Enjoyed your piece on taking out the bins, I heard that research over here as well and thought it perfect blogging material! Sorry didn’t comment, will do next time…

  1. Well done you! ~I have written a couple of freebie pieces for magazines and on-line websites but not yet been paid. I can imagine you were chuffed! Great to see you getting ‘out there’, you have such a talent šŸ™‚

    • What a delightful compliment, thank you very much. I do feel like I have finally found the thing I am supposed to spend my time doing! Thanks for stopping by, x

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