Archie-dog, as we called him

Hey, it’s been a while.

We’ve been a bit snowed under our end. Packing boxes and then moving them a couple of miles and then unpacking them takes an unfathomably long time to do. Trying to keep all the normal things we do ticking along at the same time is draining. Dealing with some silly, time-consuming nonsense from my main employer is even more dreary, but had to be done; they pay the bills, so a three-line whip applies.

Unusually for me, therefore, I have had little energy for this place, for twitter, and for blog-reading. (I did write a witty – and vitriolic – post earlier in the week about said employer but still lack the necessary nerve to publish it, hence my extended silence). My lack of blogging mojo has bugged me tremendously, made me worry even that I have run out of things to say (this does not happen to me in real life…). I have hung on to words from more experienced bloggers that tell me to write what I want to write, when I want to write it, and not to feel driven by some sense of need on the part of readers to keep the production line switched on at all times. So we have ridden the wave of hectic-ness, and are now just coming out the other side, but…

In the middle of it all, our beloved dog was put to sleep.

Archie has been with us for a decade, pretty much the whole of mine and my hubby’s relationship bar a few weeks. And – while everyone says this about their pet – he was a remarkable dog. Gentle, loving, quirky, tolerant of the kids. We have trampled our coastal paths and the highs of Dartmoor with him, winter in, summer out. And we never could get him to swim, only wade (I think swimming was absent from his Northern European snow-romping genes). He has climbed on our laps in the evening – all 35 kilos of him – and has barked at the postman every single day.

As the law of sod goes tonight I cannot find my favourite picture of him to upload; hard drive with stored photographs located, but not its corresponding USB wire. Pretty normal when you’ve been in your new house for less than a week, but irritating when I want to show the world the best of him. So, we’ll have to make do with a picture from a year or so ago.

Archie, we loved you. Our little girl is trying to make sense of how they are going to fit you in a little jar; but thank you for teaching her how marvellous it is to love an animal and be loved right back. Sleep tight.

photo (10) - Copy


7 thoughts on “Archie-dog, as we called him

  1. so sorry to hear about archie. I never had pets growing up (apart from goldfish) but when i met my hubby and got to know his family’s pets (and said goodbye to three of them over the years), i realised just how much part of the family pets really are. Don’t worry about any blogging silences – I found myself like that for a bit last month (bizarrely i have lots and lots i want to blog about but never have enough time to do it justice so end up not writing the posts i want to write at all – ends up easier just to write superficially for me – but one day perhaps if the boys make it back into school at some point, then i can get properly stuck into it). Hope you get settled well into your new home. lots of love xxx

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. A decade is a long time to have a pet and you will have heavy hearts for a while. It’s totally natural that you would be feeling a bit ‘silent’ lately. You’ve got a lot going on. Be gentle on yourself at the moment. Reading, writing and blogging can all take a back seat for a while. Don’t let it bother you – allow yourself the space and you (and your writing) will be better off for it. RIP Archie Dog xx

  3. Rebecca and Michaela, thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate your support with the writing issue, and for valuing Archie’s place in my heart – most kind. I have stopped the internal battle and what do you know, the urge to write is returning – now I just need the time for it!

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