Penguins can crawl. Who knew?

For the last ten years, every time I travelled to Bristol, it has been for training or a conference for that ‘other’ job I did. They were always dull, negatively focused and uninspiring affairs. I could be forgiven for forever associating the city with this time in my life.

But after today, I’ve changed my mind. I went to Tots100’s Blog Summit, my first ever bloggers meet up. In short? Crackin’ stuff.

Here’s what I have learnt;

  • that Sally is a very funny. I’m not blowing smoke up her proverbial, she just is. It was satisfying to sit in a room looking at a presentation slides and be inclined towards laughter and not sleep.
  • that the social good bloggers can do extends far beyond my limited understanding, and that my generous-spirited blogging peers are doing great, great stuff, day in, day out. Check out, for example, Annie and Chris to find out more.
  • that Cathy at nurturestore knows a heck of a lot about using facebook and pinterest for engaging your readership; I’ve got a lot of work to do, and I’m grateful to her for showing me the way.
  • and that penguins really can crawl. Those that are raised by Google, that is. Check me out, trying to be amusingly cryptic,by talking about the search engine’s algorithm that finds links on websites and blogs that have commercial kickbacks and therefore break their rules. The algorithm is named ‘penguin’ and it crawls through the web hunting out these types of links. I didn’t know this this morning, and as I move forward with my blog, this bit of techno-speak has implications for how I use my blog to progress my career. Thanks to @TomJamesBrennan for his insight and presentation skill; I am essentially a web-numpty but he had me understanding stuff I knew nothing about at the beginning of the day.

Spending International Women’s Day in a room full of women who achieve meaningful self-expression, combined with charitable work that makes a difference; who understand the cutting edge world they function in; and recognise the legitimate power they have to influence others, is a truly empowering way to spend the day.


13 thoughts on “Penguins can crawl. Who knew?

  1. Hey Leoarna,

    Thought I would comment as I feel I can offer some value here being a web geek and all :D. Penguin as an algorithm was mainly put into place to punish link networks (networks that have specifically been put in place to build links for the buyer) and also punish sites with unnatural link distribution (via anchor text and roots).

    It has also been against Google’s guidelines to sell links and actually it is also against Google’s guidelines to accept a gift as payment (say Pampers gave you free nappies in exchange for links).

    As a blogger you have to keep in mind the following: if you are declaring sponsored posts for a specific company all links you put to that company should be nofollow as per Google’s guidelines.

    If you are not going down the sponsored post root then if say Pampers sent you a gift to take a look at their product only link to them where you deem appropriate. For instance if Pampers getting your attention allowed you to find some information on their site that might be relevant to a blog post you might be writing it would be fine to link to them. The line in between is very murky but I would always advise against forcing links into posts of companies that you might have a commercial relationship with (i.e only put them in if they add value to the article). Also never sell links for specific anchors, its very obvious if you have a number of posts on your blog that might have keyword rich anchor text such as “nappies” always linking to pampers.

    As well as running the Mum Network I am a founding member of so we have to deal with these sorts of situations quite often.

    I hope this helps!


    • Hey James, the presentation helped me understand our conversation and Tom, like you, knew his stuff! Bloggers, savvy as they are, are already thinking about the implications of all this stuff – I go to bed more knowledgeable than when I awoke! Cheers for stopping by, L

    • As a newbie, it was a great introduction to blogosphere meet-ups. And I went to Ikea. And got posh pizza from M&S for tea. *dropping today onto the ‘a good one’ pile* Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I wish I had been able to go, I need to learn more about using Pinterest properly and expanding how I use my Facebook page. I am aware of the Google stuff but not fully understanding, reading your post and James’s comment is helping me unravel the mystique of Google. Delighted I dropped by!

    • Glad to be of service – James does know his stuff. I think Tom’s slides are also going to be on the Tots100 site soon too, so you could take a look there too. Cathy was excellent on fb / pinterest – not sure if she’s going to share her ideas on Tots too but could always ask her direct? – really inspiring. Thanks for commenting – promise yourself, next time, you’re going…!

    • Glad to see my comments are of some use! Forgive my poor grammar on them – I am dyslexic and with blog comments I don’t check them as thoroughly as I should!

      If you need any further advice I would be happy to answer your questions via email/phone as I realise how confusing some of this stuff can be :).

  3. Thank you ever so much for the mention young lady! Sally’s events are always great and informative – and in different ways so hopefully we’ll bump into each other at another Blog Summit soon! x

  4. Oh I so would have liked to be there! Unfortunately I am far too far from Bristol but it sounded like a great day! I don’t know anything about these ‘penguins’ either but know there’s definitely so much for me to learn! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    • fascinating stuff Suzanne, feel like we should ask Tom to do an online tutorial. Keep an eye on the Tots100 site as I think Sally was going to upload his slides… thanks for commenting.x

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