Two places at once

So, Not Different But Interesting is about to perform a feat of Orwellian proportions; that is, being in two places at once. Over the next few days my chum Jax is helping me to move NDBI over to a self-hosted site, I’m doing this so that I can greatly increase the degree to which the blog is personalised – Big Thanks to my mate Steve for the logo, which I love! – and to aid me in my quest to make more money from my writing. (For the non-bloggers out there, there are strict rules about not making money from WordPress hosted sites.) I’ve seen other blogger chums make this move, and while it is exciting, they tend to have one main concern; will their previous followers and email subscribers be able to find them, and will they click the follow button once again. You see, for bloggers, it is all about getting your stuff read. In the context of some other work I am doing for the Mum Network at the moment, I have been researching what matters to bloggers. I put out a few questions on twitter, read around the topic, gathered views. Time and time again, the notion of wanting to reach as wide an audience as possible, to connect, came up.

I am no different in this regard. I have worked really hard on this blog over the last five months – (has it really only been this long?) – and I really value the modest band of followers I have who read, comment and retweet me. I won’t be the first blogger to observe that the honesty, vulnerability and high degree of self-disclosure we put into the heart of our blogs is such that getting feedback, a response to our innermost, is powerful and satisfying in the extreme.

So fellow bloggers, readers, friends; when I say ‘Go!’ in the next few days, don’t switch off your computer and leave the room; rather hop over to my new place, and come join me for the next chapter in the life of me and my little old blog…. there’s a baby flying on a pencil-shaped rocket, and everything!




14 thoughts on “Two places at once

  1. I’ll be moving with you for sure! Good luck with the transition. Hope it all goes smoothly.
    (5 months you say? Now I feel the pressure! Don’t think I’ll ever be confident enough to go it alone!)

    • Ah, yes, it is quite speedy, but then I am trying to establish a new career (though the blog is very personal, too). I think the decision doesn’t need to be forced, and depends much on your reasons for blogging, and what you need out of the platform you use. Anyway, glad you’ll be following! Thanks for stopping by, L

  2. I think your move will be absolutely the right thing to take you where you want to go. I’ve been thinking about it myself, and have the same concerns. My other main worry is that I have zero technical knowledge and don’t know anyone who does which kind of puts me off! Looking forward with interest to your next stage.

    • My techno-numpty status is legendary – hence using a professional WordPresser, Jax, to make it happen; decided I could justify it if it brought in the possible revenue and the readership I hope for. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Fabulous! How very brave of you. Well done and I look forward to seeing your new techni-colour site! Make sure you tweet us all like mad – perhaps send the link direct to followers? x

    • Aw, thanks Suzanne, most kind! I understand from the marvellous Jax that my email subscribers can be carried over, as it were, so no need to panic. Ta for the encouragement! x

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