NDBI and Me

NDBI fulfills three purposes for me. 1) It is a place for me to record the myriad thoughts I have on a daily basis about the complexity of parenting small children in modern Britain. (If you are a follower I promise not to bore you to death with every thought I have on the subject, mind.) 2) It is a place where I can hone my writing skills and hopefully get some constructive feedback about my ability to shape an argument and inspire my audience to ‘have a think’. And 3) it is a place to attract attention. Now that makes it sound as if my ego needs this blog in the same way that Robbie needs regular stadium gigs. This isn’t the case (and sorry Robbie, love ya really). But if I am going to carve out a new course as a freelance non-fiction writer, I need a shop-window. And this is it. So here I am being honest about my intentions in the hope that such frank self-disclosure will inspire you to think ‘Aww, go on then, I’ll follow you…’. If you’ve read and enjoyed, great. If you’ve commented, brilliant. If you’ve clicked the rss or ‘follow by email’ button, I owe you one. Cheers.

Oh, and so that it feels a bit more personal, here are some random facts about me.

  1. I have been buying an organic veg box every week for more than a decade. I don’t do a lot else that nods to a more sustainable life style, but I am glad I do this.
  2. I live near the sea.
  3. I can recite episodes of Fawlty Towers perfectly; my stepfather used to audio record them, and I played them over and over as a kid. No video, DVD or Sky+ back then.
  4. I’m pretty hopeless at reading modern fiction. I find the endings unsatisfying somehow. Give me Edith Wharton or George Elliott any day.
  5. I like watching England play cricket. Girls and sport can mix.
  6. My mother made my first name up and I’ve been spelling it for people ever since.
  7. At 33 I was told my hormones were behaving as if I was 45, and that I was too late for IVF already. It was depressing, to say the least. I genuinely don’t know how my kids came to be here, and my respect for the involuntarily childless women I know, and those I don’t, is deep and earnest.
  8. I am hopeless at buying trousers and skirts, but could open a shop with the number of winter scarves I own.
  9. I prefer my samsung galaxy note to all that iphone mallarky. And yes, I know it makes me look a little daft when I’m talking into it, given the size of it, but I love it all the same.
  10. I still have a hint of Brummie accent though I haven’t lived there for over 20 years. Some things really are for life.


03.01.2013 Post Script (the first of many, no doubt…)

I got asked to write about myself for the purposes of perhaps gaining some sponsored post / advertorial work. For some peculiar, and no doubt, deeply Freudian reason, I found it much easier to write in the third person. I am, in a my own aww-shucks kind of way, quite please with it, so I thought I’d throw it in here, too.

“Leoarna’s Twitter biography describes her as ‘a writer who is beginning to write’. With a CV that is best described as eclectic, she has (in no particular order) managed numerous bookshops, completed a law degree, delivered smoking cessation courses to hundreds of people, qualified in psychotherapy, designed and run relationship enrichment programmes and inspected early years settings for the government. All of this has been an aside to her long-held ambitions to 1) be a mum and 2) make a living from writing. And while endometriosis and premature menopause symptoms did their best to prevent her achieving the first of these, she is now extraordinarily grateful for her four year old daughter and one year old son. Now, as a writer producing content for the Mum Network websites, and author of the increasing popular blog entitled ‘Not Different But Interesting’, she is flexing her writing muscles with a view to redirecting her career. She writes about the challenges of parenting small children in modern Britain; the juggle of work v money v ‘quality time’, the difficulty of making good choices for our kids, and her efforts to get things right for her two little ones. She has quickly become a social-media-literate and engaging blogger, averaging 100 reads a week, with a hubspot rating of 76/100 for her use of facebook and twitter for blog promotion. She has been invited to guest blog for a parenting website, Mama Baby Bliss, and for an established mummy blogger, Mummy From The Heart, and has already had a blog post re-published by Tots 100 Good Reads, (one of the main parent blogging community sites). She aims to spend 2013 writing high quality blog posts, further exploring strategies for widening her readership, and raising her professional writing profile through guest posts, sponsored posts, advertorials and other freelance opportunities.”


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