Play dates with my kids

04.02.2013 A parcel from the Man in the Moon…

At my daughter’s pre-school, two of the most senior practitioners argue hard for the value of having children delight in fantasy and make-believe. Now I know that bloggers could debate the myths we sell to our kids (Santa, Easter Bunny, and so on) and question the benefit of it all. I haven’t given the issue masses of thought, but ultimately I err on the side of, ‘it’s part of what childhood can be’.

In the light of my new Play agenda ( I picked up my daughter from pre-school on Wednesday with the news that the Man in the Moon had sent us a parcel; some Moondust! Once home, we got stuck right in. I challenged myself to get absorbed, in the ‘flow’, and we had… FUN! And the effects were positive, immediate, and somehow lasting. We’ve had less scratchy moments, less calm-down-step time, more hangin’ and chillin’ together. Result.

Here’s the link for making Moondust, should it be something you want to try too

And here’s a picture of what can be done with Flour, Baby Oil, and some concentrated parent-child play-time.

20130206_163656 (3)

12.02.2013 The unexpected benefits of being under the weather. And a mish-mash of festivals from around the world.

We have played our rainbow-striped socks off today.

Tuesday is usually the most hectic day of the week for us. My daughter attends a Forest School session in the morning with her playgroup, returns to their hut for a normal afternoon session, and then, when I pick her up, we head off for her weekly riding lesson at a nearby stables. She is always excited about Tuesday, and always shattered by the end of it.

She spent Sunday and Monday most definitely under the weather. Nothing clearly wrong, but temperature going up and down and complaining of an achy head. Eyes a little bloodshot, energy levels low. Not the right preparation for the busy-ness of a normal Tuesday.

So we didn’t do all that stuff. We stayed at home all day. And it was brilliant.

While little brother had his long morning nap, we made Valentine’s cards for family members and decorated a spiral snake for Chines New Year. She’s been heavily into these celebrations, absorbing all kinds of random facts and details from her play pleader’s encyclopaedic mind. Telling me the story of the Nian, reciting Happy New Year in Cantonese. Anyway, I digress. We were having a lovely time, and she even told me how nice it was to just be doing all this with mummy.

20130212_101813 (3)

20130212_104843 (3)

After lunch I got out an old sheet, a couple of trays for paint and different sized brushes. Socks were removed, sleeves rolled, an apron applied to him (she has always refused to wear them). I unrolled some large paper from her easel, and off we went. All of us. He was a little reticent to start with, but giggled when I put the cold paint on his feet and hands. She was right in there, making paths, swirls and zigzags. Marvellous stuff. The back wall of the kitchen is looking a little more cheerful than normal.

20130212_132534 (2) (800x600)

20130212_213152 (3)

And then she and I made pancake batter, and after tea, we pulled his high chair into our little kitchen and cooked and ate together. Daddy made it home early to share in the fun.

20130212_164859 (3)

Playing is a serious business, and today, we were serious players.



2 thoughts on “Play dates with my kids

  1. I remember those days x looks and sounds like a brilliant mummy and children day x extra nice that daddy was able to join in at the end of his long working day too x one to keep in your hearts 🙂

  2. Thanks Carol. It was a lovely day. She’s been much more poorly today, and finished the day with a trip to the GP. But she liked seeing the pictures of our fun. x

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