(Working towards being a) Writer for Hire

3 months in…

On my NDBI and Me page, I ‘fess up that one of my main reasons for blog writing is a hope, an intention, to change the way I earn my living. Writing is the thing for me – if I can make it work. Three months in and I thought it was worth just stopping to assess progress. I might will  make such assessment a regular occurence.

Here’s a list of things that have happened that give me a sense of progress;

  1. Three invitations to write guest posts. MamaBabyBliss published one earlier this week http://www.mamababybliss.com/blog/juggle-with-a-capital-j-parenting-in-the-21st-century.php; Mummy from the Heart will be publishing the second on Monday 4th February (will put the link up when I’ve got it – here it is http://mdplife.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/leoarna-reveals-secret-to-good-mental.html); and I’ve just sent the third off to Babyhuddle tonight. All three look, in part, at the Juggle of parenthood and the pleasure of blogging.
  2. I’ve been writing content for the Mum Network of websites since summer 2012, but the pieces have been very factual and friendly, and not the personal opinion, the individual perspective, that I bring to the blog. But on the back of my writing here they invited me to write a weekly blog for them – for money. I emailed my first one last night and it goes live on Monday 4th February (two in one day!).
  3. Pursuit of Plenty nominated me for a Leibster award https://notdifferentbutinteresting.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/liebster-award…aughter-says-2/‎ This was hugely flattering. Someone, somewhere else in the world thought my writing was good enough to go to the trouble of putting together a post where they give me a mention. Lovely. I’m now searching for those to whom I can pass the baton, as that is how the Leibster works.
  4. I agreed just yesterday to do a piece for Home Childcarer Magazine on the current childcare ratio debate, having had a great email chat with the editor of the publication that began with my cheekily cold-mailing him. It’s not paid, but given that they have a readership of over 60,000, I’ll go with it. I knew when I started this journey that I would need to give work away to gain a readership in the early stages.
  5. Back in November, when I was just getting started, Tots100 re-published one of my blogs as a good read, https://notdifferentbutinteresting.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/blogaphoria-an…a-better-mummy/‎Ego-boost would be the technical term there.
  6. As we speak, a package of books for children from My Little Big Town is trundling along in a postal train for my perusal and review.
  7. Tickets are booked for Tots100 Bristol Blogsummit and Britmums Live. Currently wrestling with whether I can justify spending out on Cybher, which my wise twitterchums tell me is worth the effort.

And there are countless other ways in which I could measure the life-enrichment that NDBI has brought. Followers and likers are growing steadily. Horizons are broadened as my twitterchums link me to great blogs and articles here, there and everywhere. And above all, the sense that I am finally doing something that I get a KICK from, that absorbs me, that comforts me. Lucky me. No conceit intended, just gratitude.


7 thoughts on “(Working towards being a) Writer for Hire

  1. I know the stuff you have written for us so far hasn’t been too exciting but I am really happy you are working on a weekly bog for us now :). I had a read through the first one to go live and thought it was really impressed!

  2. Lets try that comment again (sorry writing on my phone!) : I know the stuff you have written for us so far hasn’t been too exciting but I am really happy you are working on a weekly blog for us now . I had a read through the first one to go live and was really impressed!

    • Hey James, I have really enjoyed the factual and friendly stuff I have written for the mum network, it has been a good discipline! Have been very glad of the opportunity… And now chuffed to be blogging too!

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